1960s dating

Sites like Ok Cupid perform a similar service now, only with more pictures, interactivity, and complexity.

But in the 1960s, what was known as "computer dating" involved no Internet and often few to no visuals.

What if you were given five matches you were deemed compatible with, no pictures, and nice long phone call?

Would we have more of a shot at long-term, successful relationships?

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These machines could crunch the numbers on our personalities and spit out intimate matches.

It’s all documented in a fascinating 14-minute documentary released by Five Thirty Eight Life. Freshman girls would always date upper class men, at the time it wasn’t popular or acceptable for people to meet at bars, and although they were surrounded by other colleges in Boston and went to mixers, the seemingly endless possibilities were actually quite limited. Ginsburg, who was a student at Cornell, the men embarked on a social experiment.

So one Saturday night, when these men found themselves drinking alone in their dorm room, they decided to do something, and the first online dating company was born. What happens when you match people based on actual logical compatibility?

Before smart phones, selfies and personal computers.

It may come as a shock to you that online dating was actually invented as early as the 60s, when computers were about the size of a school bus and women weren’t “supposed” to call men first. Crump and Vaughan Morrill were all classmates at Harvard in the early 1960s and they all had a hard time dating.

From 1965 to 1968 the program matched over 100,000 people, but then faded away and was bought in 1968 to help pair roommates instead.

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