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Yukari expands about the topic in her inner monologue saying that protagonists of hero shows don't just punish evil; they protect those who are dating mitsuru persona 3 portable to them and give everyone the hope to live, she believes that these shows teach a lot of important lessons to children.

When Yukari then asks why she watches the show, a confused Mitsuru responds by saying why wouldn't she when her best friend is one of the stars. Illustration of Mitsuru Kirijo and the others by Watanabe Keisuke. When the protagonist confronts Nyx Avatar 's true form Death, Mitsuru's voice is heard wishing for the protagonist to be strong, and she offers her life for him.

the type of science fiction that could actually happen in the near future, and she says that she's never been a fan of the kind of movies where people travel in time and cast spells.

Fuuka is often shown to be a terrible cook, though she improves with time through her S.

In Persona 3 The Movie, she loses the floral patterns on her shirt. S., this made her an easy target for school bullies, to the point of Natsuki Moriyama locking her in the school gym, which resulted in her getting trapped in Tartarus.

After 2 years, in Persona 4 Arena, she returns with her hair grown longer, but braided to the front, and her outfit consists of a white-colored sundress with sleeves, black tights, and boots. However, she is also a friendly student once others open up to her and very kind-hearted, even more so than Yukari.

As I sketched Fuuka, I was careful not to make her look too weak or helpless.Initially, Fuuka is a very reserved, shy and timid girl who rarely speaks up. She is very polite, and almost always uses honorifics when addressing people.Despite being quiet and not being involved with fighting and physical combat, she tries to help her friends in any way possible such as using her Persona's abilities to scan the statistics and weaknesses of Shadows, showing her to be very diligent and dedicated. were barely able to last an hour in there at that point.I did design more conservative outfits that reveal less skin, but at the same time, I tried to convey her strong will through her facial expressions.Fuuka has short teal-blue hair and dark brownish-gray eyes (in the cutscene where she first summons Lucia, her eyes are teal green).Fuuka loves computers and technology, and can almost always be seen in the dorm on her laptop.

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