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N Dhur, Calcutta Dash B 1991 Materia medica of Ayurveda B Jain Publishers, New Delhi Dash B 1994 Encyclopedia of Tibetan medicine: being the Tibetan text of Rgyud Bzi and Sanskrit restoration of As.t.a¯nga Guhyopade´sa Tantra and expository translation in English, vols and Sri Satguru, Delhi Dash B, Junius M 1983 A handbook of Ayurveda Concept Publishing, New Delhi Dastur JF 1962 Medicinal plants of India and Pakistan, 2nd edn D B Taraporevala, Bombay Desikachar TKV 1999 The heart of Yoga: developing a personal practice Inner Traditions, Rochester VT Feuerstein G 1997 The Shambhala encyclopedia of Yoga Shambhala, Boston, p 230 Finckh E 1988 Studies in Tibetan medicine Snow Lion, Ithaca NY Frawley D 1989 Ayurvedic healing: a comprehensive guide Passage Press, Salt Lake City Frawley D 1996 Ayurveda and the mind Lotus, Twin Lakes WI Frawley D, Lad V 1986 The Yoga of herbs: an Ayurvedic guide to herbal medicine Lotus Press, Santa Fe Goldstein J 1994 Insight meditation Shambhala, Boston Goswami SS 1996 Laya Yoga Inner Traditions, Rochester VT Gupta LP 1996 Essentials of A¯yurveda Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan, Varanasi Huynh HK, Seifert GM 1981 Pulse diagnosis by Li Shi Zhen Paradigm, Brookline MA India Ministry of Health and Family Planning 1978 The Ayurvedic formulary of India Part 1st edn Delhi Jain SK 1968 Medicinal plants, 2nd edn National Book Trust, New Delhi Johari H 2000 Chakras: energy centers of transformation Destiny Books, Rochester VT Kirtikar KR, Basu BD 1993 Indian medicinal plants, 2nd edn, vols 1–4 1935 Reprint Periodical Experts, Delhi Krishna G 1971 Kundalini: the evolutionary energy in man Shambhala, Boulder, p 12–13 Krishnamurthy KH 1991 Wealth of Su´sruta International Institute of A¯yurveda, Coimbatore Krishnamurthy KH 2003 Bhela-Sam.hita¯: text with English translation, commentary and critical notes Chaukhambha Visvabharati, Varanasi Kumar V 1997 Ayurvedic clinical medicine Sri Satguru, Delhi Lad V 1996 Secrets of the pulse: the ancient art of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis Ayurvedic Press, Albuquerque Leung AY, Foster S 1996 Encyclopedia of common natural ingredients used in food, drugs and cosmetics, 2nd edn John Wiley, New York Nadkarni KM 1976 The Indian materia medica, with Ayurvedic, Unani and home remedies Revised and enlarged by A.

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This custom is still vivid in the Greek mainland, while gradually it tends to disappear.

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