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Hell, author Elizabeth Gilbert went so far as to actually fall in love with her best friend.But however clichéd or commonplace it may be, the lack of originality does not diminish its veracity.” When you’re dating for friends, it’s a little more complicated.

All we had was the experience and the understanding that it was all worth it, to manufacture our own opportunities for closeness, even if it didn’t come easily.It had sold out all 30 seats; clearly I wasn’t the only one on the hunt for new friends.In romantic dating, there’s an easy way to gauge whether you want to get to know someone, and it usually boils down to answering a single question: “Do I want to see this person naked?“It’s almost viewed as unattractive to have all kinds of time available to hang out with your friends.” DC is a city known for its impermanence, and our social infrastructure seems to be built for loneliness, or at least intimacy with an expiration date.Which is why I was open to attending the speed friendship dating event, cleverly named “Friend Request,” at a hip synagogue in downtown DC.“Proximity is what keeps your friendships going,” Bonior said.

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