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Both Scally and vocalist/keyboardist Victoria Legrand admit that such a collection might seem exotic for a band such as Beach House, since they are masters of weaving moods and textures through entire albums and in no sense a "singles band." But after six full-length releases, they had accumulated an archive of unreleased and hard-to-find material that hadn't felt quite right for any of those albums.

These were the days when singles were released on physical mediathat would have extra space available for a previously unreleased song.Most striking is the duo's cover of Queen's "Play the Game," translating the original's soaring theatricality into a sighing, reflective ballad. Song by song, it's a set that feels like more than a collection of odds and ends."It can also be a way of tying it all together and moving on to the future, which is sort of what it feels like to me," Legrand says.But with the advent of singles being released in a digital format, B-sides are a bit of an anachronism and unreleased songs are often saved for bonus digital content or deluxe reissues, if they aren't left to languish as little heard moments compiled by obsessive fans.It was these listeners that Beach House was hoping to reach with .For example, you don’t have an outsider doing the light show.

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