Ana ivanovic and adam scott dating


Ivanovic dedicated the win to her grandfather Milovan who died over the weekend.I’d like to thank our reader Bb for referring me to the story!

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Women around the world rejoiced at the prospect of seeing the golf hunk in their living room every week. Will try and meet,” Bachelor executive producer Robert Mills tweeted at the time.

Ana clearly took the breakup harder than Adam, attributing her drop out of the world’s top 50 ranking and opening round loss at Wimbeldon 2010 to the split.

Ana told the Sydney Sunday Telegraph that her slump was due to a midseason dumping, and stated, Let’s give Adam Scott’s girlfriend resume proper due here: Adam Scott has an impressive dating history.

The two were together for seven years until their first split.

They reunited shortly before he won The Masters last year.

Since then, she hasn’t made it past the round of 16 in grand slams and she’s become mostly forgotten.

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