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Olympic Talk: Was it tougher than training for the Olympics? When you’re about to leg press 2,000 pounds (for short track speed skating training), that’s more intensity, but it’s done in less than 10 seconds. Ohno: I tried to cycle on and off with my music, because you’re not allowed to use it in the race. We’re talking about a 100-mile bike ride, riding solo on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway in California) from Brentwood, around Oxnard and back and then running for 60 minutes. I listened to everything, from hip-hop, R&B, house music, podcasts. All 11 competing couples will return tomorrow night to dance in the grand finale.But for now, they were just there to watch the toughest, most important dances of the season alongside a number of famous former contestants: Harry Hamlin, Jerry Springer, and Mario Lopez, seated with his girlfriend and former dance partner, Karina Smirnoff. I’m glad I don’t have to face the Koreans in Pyeongchang, because they’re going to be really hard to beat (laughs).There's something delicious about a show where nerves are on end and no one is a sure thing. Olympic Talk: How does the Ironman finisher’s medal compare to Olympic medals? Olympic Talk: Would you have given up one of your eight Olympic medals for the Ironman medal?

After six months of training, he crossed the finish line of the Ironman, his third triathlon, in 9 hours, 52 minutes, 27 seconds on Oct. He raised his arms, flexed his biceps and yelled as a Backstreet Boys song played on loudspeakers (video here). There’s a portion of the (running) course called the Energy Lab. Olympic Talk: What other Olympian would you like to see do an Ironman?

NBC will air an Ironman World Championships special on Saturday at p.m. Ohno spoke with Olympic Talk about his Ironman experience (peppered with some Olympic questions) this week. Olympic Talk: Many Ironman finishers get a tattoo to mark the accomplishment. Ohno: I think 70 percent of Olympic athletes could do this if they put the training in.

Olympic Talk: Well, you reached your goal of breaking 10 hours.

Ali has been working through intense pain in both knees and a wrenched back from lifting Ohno in the group swing dance last month. There's been a lot of frustration." Ohno and his partner, Julianne Hough, had the additional anxiety of a total wardrobe malfunction during Monday afternoon's dress rehearsal: The white satin costumes for their freestyle simply didn't fit. " says Ohno, pointing to a four-inch extension to the hem of both pant legs. "I've heard a lot about that," says her fiancé, Zack Wilson, 25, a pre-dental student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

"I actually picked him up twice," says Ali, "and I knew I hurt something." The fatigue and anxiety about Tuesday night's final outcome had clearly seeped into this past week's rehearsal halls. "We had three times the commitment with the show, and three times the media. Wilson, soft-spoken, dark-haired and good-looking, had just flown in after spending a month in China, where he had been part of a performing-arts group from the university.

"Because I'm a dancer I know what performing takes," he says. She's very close with her family." Wilson says he and Hough still plan to be married, but at a time when there's a little less chaos in their lives.

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