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She was very proper but I felt something erotic about her. "It was my birthday party." she said and got quiet. "After that she said, "Well, things change don't they." and went to the bathroom."Oh yes, oh yes, fuck Mommie, fuck her good." she began.It took a little while but I filled her pussy with cum and she elevated her hips so that the cum stayed in her pussy for a while.That evening at supper, we ate naked at the table, Rita began talking about Carol when she was little and that she had never had any other children but had wanted to.After Carol was born she did not get her plumbing tied and she could still, potentially have kids. The babies would be related in two ways, half bother or sister and also my sister or brother. " Carol said and she pulled out the home pregnancy test. Carol almost fainted and I know my mouth hung open. " she said and then we all got up and went to the bedroom and made love for he night." she said and Carol got up and helped me undress and pulled out my hard cock for her mom to inspect.

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