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You've met their friends, you feel OK texting them goofy thoughts that’ll make them laugh, they know your favorite sports team, and they'll even let you argue thatthe best movie of all time, without rolling their eyes (much). Restaurants are key to romance and the better the meal, the better the night.Although you’re not quite ready to change your Facebook profile pic to the two of you sharing a sundae, you do need a gift that lets them know you want this to progress; a gift that won’t make them feel as though you’ve already planned your engagement party. So, call up the restaurant and ask for a great table – maybe in a back room or in a special section.Do you have a great story about how you handled a gift in a new relationship?Post all the details in Comments below or on my Facebook page. Luckily for us ladies, men really don't care much for gifts and presents in that way. Say your relationship is progressing faster and better than you imagined.I'm currently seeing this guy - it's been going on since early this year. I don't really know because I haven't been in his particular situation. We have a great time together but had a couple of fights and don't really talk about the status of our relationship. lol I would suggest giving him something special to let him see that you really know him..not expensive. My current fiance, back when we were just 'talking' said he wanted a pair of jeans.

Is their birthday the right time to have “the talk”? But giving the right gift can make it so you don’t even need to have it.After dinner, forego the dessert and head out to another venue.Now is the time to pull out of your pocket a small present – something that says that you are developing real feelings for them.If you're serious, I’d use this evening to let them know where you stand.Use this date to pull the trigger and bring your A-plus game. I’d still advocate against bling, but it’s your call. The key is finding a balance between a present that doesn't overwhelm, but still makes them feel beyond special.I don't bring it up because it's convenient for me right now and he doesn't bring it up because he doesn't like "serious conversations". like say he is a very clean guy and a sharp dresser.

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