Dance moms speed dating

Abby does a little booty-shaking happy dance by herself in the studio – it’s cute – and when the Moms see her they all laugh, and so does Abby.

It’s a rare, lighthearted moment, and it suits them.

Then Abby reveals the pyramid, her weekly ranking system for the dancers.

From the bottom up it’s Paige (didn’t use her face), Kendall (didn’t stand out), Brooke (not a leader), Nia (third overall high score in competition last week), Mackenzie (overall high score Mini division), and at the top for the third week in a row, Maddie (high score for solos in her age division, highest scoring solo for the entire competition).

Kelly points out that they aren’t acting like a team.

I think this scene may be laying the groundwork for Mama Drama in future episodes.

When Abby tells Darryl she has never dated a man of color, he says “You know what they say! Jill decides her daughter Kendall needs some extra help, so she sets up a private lesson with ALDC teacher Gianna.

”, and she looks under the table, but alas, he has pants on, and she responds, “I can hope”. Jill says the lesson is about "personal growth", but Holly thinks her daughter Nia should be included.

We find out that Abby is actually seeing someone, but she doesn’t say who. The speed dating begins and Abby asks the men questions like “Do you own your own tux?

She looks good out there, and just like it’s obvious how far Nia has come along over the course of three seasons, you can really see the strides Mackenzie has made as a dancer and performer.

While on a bathroom run, Jill bumps into Gianna, and once again asks her run the duet with Kendall.

” and “How many times have you been to Disney World?

” There is a bartender named Chris who actually does have a tux and can tie a bow tie too; an insurance man named Karl whose Mom was a dance teacher; and a handsome former football player named Darryl.

Abby congratulates them for winning last week in St.

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