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Many of the most popular databases from NCBI and Uni Prot include taxonomy.To determine taxonomy accurately, Mascot requires database specific supporting files.Once you save a new definition to mascot.dat, Mascot Monitor will look to see if there is a Fasta file that matches the wild card path.If so, it will begin to compress the Fasta file (to minimise the memory requirements).For instructions on how to do that, see Using the CLI Editor in Configuration Mode in the CLI User Guide.This page describes the procedure for downloading and configuring a sequence database without using the browser-based Database Manager.The end of a sequence is indicated when the following line is either a new title line or the end of the file.

This means that any direct edits to the affected sections of will be discarded.Download at least one release of the database manually, so as to verify the filenames and URLs.If the database is not described in one of the Mascot help pages, make careful notes of which files are required, where they come from, and any processing that is required.Apart from the use of the "greater than" character, the precise syntax of the title line is not defined.The title line is delimited from the sequence that follows by a platform dependent new line character.CLI quick configuration is not available for this example because manual intervention is required during the configuration.

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