Dating de amor

I guess I was too quick with my first review I never got the chance to try pre-reformulation version of amor is a new one and I like it.

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More citrus, less berry and a bit hazy if that makes sense.

I only knew her fleetingly through work but she kind of left me in awe back then. To be fair and to give context, I am more of a "drugstore oldies" kind of gal these days.

I was around that age too, searching for a certain image or 'look' to call my own and something about her made me wish I was more like her. I remember the first time I smelled this perfume I was taken a back. I love when vanilla is mixed together with soft pretty florals. Its OK but not thrilled, to me its so fruity sweet and almost syrupy it could be a Bath and Body Works scent. ) In the opening and vanilla and amber that's all together like a perferme cocktail.

Now, I still feel it's nice to have it as I find it pleasant,playful and easy to wear but I can't name it a love.maybe because I feel I've already gone through lots of similar perfumes When I think of a sexy perfume for a young girl,amor amor is one of the first one that comes to my not that it won't be appropriate on a 25's warm and sweet and fall is definitely best season for it but it also has bright citrusy-fruity freshness and I believe one can easily wear it year's for both days and daily use and girly outfits and sport styles.

it certainly is versatile I usually dislike blackcurrant and cassis but here,they blend pretty well with juicy citruses and creamy vanilla.florals stay sweet and delicate.

Still, I'm amazed at how truly close Passport Paris is to the original, all things considered (especially the price point: .00).

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