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Michael Merxmüller, a priest in the village of Ramsau near Berchtesgaden, wrote on July 20, 1945, for example: "Eight girls and women raped, some of them in front of their parents." Father Andreas Weingand, from Haag an der Amper, a tiny village located just north of where the Munich airport is today, wrote on July 25, 1945: "The saddest event during the advance were three rapes, one on a married woman, one on a single woman and one on a spotless girl of 16-and-a-half.They were committed by heavily drunken Americans." Father Alois Schiml from Moosburg wrote on Aug.In the wake of the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib and other war crimes committed by US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, many historians are taking a more critical look at the behavior of the American military during the days immediately preceding and following the end of World War II in Germany.

It is odd that it took 70 years to make such claim and one wonders what are the reasons behind .And today, 70 years after the end of the war, it unfortunately doesn't look as though that situation will soon change.When weill a German "feminist" do some research on the millions of rapes committed by German soliders in Europe, particularly in the Soviet Union and Poland?But Gebhardt is certainly correct on one point: For far too long, historical research has been dominated by the idea that rapes committed by GIs were implausible because German women wanted to jump into bed with them anyway.How, though, is one to interpret the complaint filed by a hotelier in Munich on May 31, 1945?In particular, though, her views on the behavior of American GIs are likely to raise eyebrows.

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