Dating in portland or


It’s America’s most pedestrian-friendly city and many commuters don’t even have to use their own vehicles to get around. Chances are you also live here for the intellectual atmosphere.

Portland is known for being a very progressive place, with powerful thinkers sharing debate and ideas for improvement.

It was named after a coin toss won Francis Pettygrove the right to name the town after his hometown in Maine.

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Interesting people are in abundance in Portland, and it’s only a matter of time before you can begin to make new friends here.

I mean with the exception of a few well known anomalous states like Alaska most states are well supplied with equal numbers of both men and women.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of men and women are able to find partners from those available locally and there is the Internet for those whose tastes run to the exotic.

Could it be that a certain minority of 'average' men and women are having a hard time recognizing their own... I say 'minority' because on the whole I see quite a bit of pairing up going on in PDX and environs. I certainly wouldn't consider moving to Seattle simply for dating climate reasons!

Some people don't let a little oat bran get between them and, uh, you know... Surely there are other priorities that take precedence?? If you've read any of those "Find Your Best Place to Live" type of books, they have questionairres where you rate different "quality of life" parameters, which is used to determine which cities/areas would be most appropriate for you.

Many non-profits make their home here, working from the coast to make the world a better place. As the only state with a two-sided flag, there is no way that this state wouldn’t dish up some interesting people.

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