Dating marriage elizabethan times


In the ‘courtship’ of beatrice and benedick in much ado about nothing, the two seem happiest when verbally sparring.

This was rampant among lofty nobility, however people in the lower class would normally arranged the marriage with the children of friends and , the lower the status a family holds in the society then the larger power a person have in choosing.

Nov 26, 2013 marriage during the elizabethan era (1558 1603) arranged marriages women had little say in who they became married to.

Time and again shakespeare’s plays dramatise the conflict between the old order in which fathers chose husbands for their daughters and the new order in which daughters wished to choose their own mates based on affection.

The elizabethans were keen on presenting dishes as attractively as possible - in the case of the peacock its colorful feathers would adorn the dish.

Couples who paid for a license and testified that there were no obstacles to their union still had to wait one month before they could be married.

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As a woman, you had absolutely no say in your future husband, and were expected to accept whatever wise decision your parents (father) made for you.

Although there were some independent women afraid of marriage, all women were expected to be married, and if not they were a burden to their family.

However, every woman expects to be married, and to depend on her male relatives throughout her course, not everyone is in a hurry to get married, but marriage means being in charge of your own who would have been drawn to convent life in the old days no longer have that option, and must either marry or be a burden to their can own property and run their own businesses.

For example, the act of a betrothal was typically sealed with a kiss.

A betrothal ring was not always exchanged, but the custom did gain popularity in Elizabethan times.

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