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This changed in the late 1920s, when they began producing some better instruments with the Harmony name on them.I would guess your ukulele was made in the late 1920s.The headstock shape on your ukulele is the shape they used on many of the Supertone instruments that were sold in the 1920s and possibly into the 1930s.For many years Harmony did not put its own name on the instruments they built.It says "Senorita genuine Hawaiian Ukulele" on the label, looks like it might be mahogany.Has bakelite tuner knobs, the seller tells me its from the 40's.They were out of ukulele manufacturing altogether by 1929. This is somewhere between what most people today call concert size (about 23" overall) and tenor size (about 26" overall).The Washburn name was used on L&H's top quality instruments.

Martin ukuleles are considered by many to be the best ukuleles made, so they are desirable to players and collectors alike. At this time The Style 2 ukulele was one model from the top of the Martin ukulele line, above the Style 0 an Style 1, but below the "professional" model, the Style 3.They had already stopped producing their fanciest model, the Style 5K. I recently bought this uke as a bit of project repair job.I know it's not one of the "classic" brands, but I'm curious and enthiastically refurbishing it in my spare time (yep it needs work).Your ukulele is a model 711, the better of two tenor ukulele models listed in the 1923-24 Lyon and Healy catalog.This model of ukulele sold for retail in 1924 - quite a bit of money for an ukulele at the time.I would guess these were made in the teens or the early 1920s at the latest.

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