Dating site lonely bastards

Partners may evade responsibility by going out all hours and living like teenagers, or be incredibly bad tempered or depressed.’Mumsnet – the popular parenting site – is one place where frustrated partners allow themselves to vent.

They may have managed very well when it was just the two of them, but with a baby they’re no longer able to give their partner their full attention; the frustrations pile up and things go downhill.

We all have to learn ways to contain our difficult emotions.

If you shout at your partner whenever you feel angry, why don’t you change your behaviour and go for a run instead?

In fact, men were twice as likely to describe themselves as ‘immature’.

Almost half of the women questioned said they’d been in a relationship where they’d had to ‘mother’ their partner, while one in three had ended a relationship because of it.

Stephen apparently negotiates, apologises and begs when it comes to his boss’s alleged bad behaviour. ‘Very young children tend to be self-centred and self-absorbed.

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