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The formation of short-lived backswamps along the Carmel coast of Israel coincides with the rapid global sea-level rise during the late Pleistocene–early Holocene transition.

The current study shows that the wetland phenomena originated around 10,000 yr ago and dried up shortly before the local Pre-Pottery Neolithic humans settled on the wetland dark clay sediments 9430 cal yr BP.

Jaddoe, Tonya White, Henning Tiemeier, and Marinus H.

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Mc Caughtry Acquisition of Maternal Education and Its Relation to Single-Word Reading in Middle Childhood: An Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study, Thomas King, Cristina Mc Kean, Robert Rush, Elizabeth M. Mensah, Sheena Reilly, and James Law Adenylyl Cyclases 1 and 8 Initiate a Presynaptic Homeostatic Response to Ethanol Treatment, Alana C. New luminescence ages of sediments and radiocarbon dating of terrestrial seeds in the upper part of the sequence provide a more reliable and accurate chronology.The lower part of the core, between about 14,000 and about 7000 BP, indicates mainly wetter conditions, while the upper part, dated to the last 7000 BP, suggests drier conditions in general, with a few wetter episodes. Claw, Dorothy Lippert, Jessica Bardill, Anna Cordova, Keolu Fox, Joseph M. Storm, and Hongbing Wang Chaco Canyon Dig Unearths Ethical Concerns, Katrina G. Fitzgerald Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhage due to Spontaneous Uterine Artery Rupture after Normal Vaginal Delivery Managed by Selective Arterial Embolization, Mili Thakur, Henry O. Peña The Development Of Chemical Methods To Discover Kinase Substrates And Map Cell Signaling With Gamma-Modified Atp Analog-Dependent Kinase-Catalyzed Phosphorylation, Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage Maheeka Madhubashini Embogama The Dimensionality Of Political Ideology In The Arab World Comparing The Structure Of Political Attitudes On Political Parties’ And Mass Publics’ Levels In Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, And Morocco, Malek Abduljaber Unit Root Test for Panel Data AR(1) Time Series Model With Linear Time Trend and Augmentation Term: A Bayesian Approach, Jitendra Kumar, Anoop Chaturvedi, Umme Afifa, Shafat Yousuf, and Saurabh Kumar X-Chromosome Alu Insertions in Bahía Blanca (Argentina): Assessment of Population Information from Varied Genetic Markers and Usefulness of X-Chromosome Markers to Trace Sex-Biased Parental Contributions, Magdalena Resano, Daniela Zanetti, Esther M.

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