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Certain jobs can’t inform you on whether or not he’d be a good husband or father–only going on an actual date where you can ask questions and get to know him can do that.If you’re the type of woman who dismisses a man because he delivers your packages, then you might be missing out on a great guy.But don’t get me wrong, I realize that if a woman is interested in a man who is ambitious, responsible and has the ability to provide for himself or a family, his job might indicate to her if he has any of the attributes she’s looking for.Even still, his nine-to-five might only be aindication of what type of person he is. Yes, he may be a doctor or a lawyer, but he might also be mired in debt because he doesn’t manage money well or has thousands of dollars in student loans.Service industries also include positions within sectors such as hospitality, sales, public health and any other position where your responsibility is to service or be of service to other people. My friend told me that I wouldn’t understand because my husband works in radio–a glamorous gig in her opinion.But because those were still considered service industry jobs in a sense, were they too deemed not respectable? However, I reminded her that he is also a truck driver and still drives trucks during the week when he’s not blessing the mic on the weekends.And some of the most well-off men that I’ve dated in the past were also super stingy.Just because a man has money doesn’t mean he wants to spend it on you or will even offer to.

Men who hold powerful positions and make a lot of money may be impressive, but their titles and bank accounts won’t tell you if they’d ever cheat on you or be nice to your mother.There are 10 percent more young women than young men going to college each year, and while the average pay of a woman is still lower than her male counterpart, there have never been so many power women at the top of their prospective industries. Men are creatures who live their lives in a compartmentalized fashion. The foundation has been built, and he is working on building the first floor.As a matchmaker and dating expert in Beverly Hills, I see this reality each day, and it is often a struggle for these career-oriented women to date. Yes, he has thought about the upstairs and mapped out the six bedrooms, lounge and office (I am in Beverly Hills, darling!Shutterstock I recently hung out with a group of girlfriends I hadn’t seen in a very long time.I’d like to say that it’s because we’re all busy, but I suspect the main reason we don’t see each other often anymore is because I’m a married mother of a 19-month-old, and they are single and childless.She seemed stunned, but I couldn’t tell if it was because she was surprised he was a truck driver or because I married him.

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