Dating your in laws sibling

By their marriage, John has become related by affinity to the other members of the Smith family, and Susan is now related by affinity to the other Joneses.

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Q: I teach a Bible Study and I ventured into the area of annulments.Affinity in any degree of the direct line invalidates marriage.This means that a widow may not marry her father-in-law, or her son-in-law; a widower cannot marry his late wife’s widowed mother (his mother-in-law) or his late son’s wife (his daughter-in-law). Note that the code is completely silent about affinity in the collateral line—which means that there is no prohibition at all.It is thus possible to marry a brother- or sister-in-law, or the cousin of one’s deceased spouse.This was not always the case, however: under the 1917 Code of Canon Law, affinity was an impediment to marriage in both the direct line and also certain degrees of the collateral line, which included not only brothers- and sisters-in-law, but also first cousins!Affinity is calculated just like consanguinity is, in lines and degrees (cf. So what happens if a spouse dies, and the widow or widower subsequently wants to marry an in-law?

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