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Opt for a belt with cool details like western accents, add a chic crossbody bag, and you’ll look anything but basic.Thanks to over-the-knee boots, you really can bring your favorite summer staple into fall!Blame it on the lessons we’ve experienced in our lives or the upbringing we’ve had throughout them, but we all have a set of habits that make us who we are (and sometimes stop us from who we want to become).From tidying up your space every night to snoozing your alarm every morning, there are some habits you’re proud of — and others you wish you could get rid of.To put it honestly, the only way you can change the past is by fixing your attitude about it.Before you begin spiraling into the darkness of self-blame, you should recognize that the events that have led up to this point in your life has happened for a reason — take comfort in the fact that these lessons shaped who you are right now and that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be because of them.

Nothing will weigh you down like the constant guilt that comes from thinking about everything that went wrong in your past (and what you could’ve done differently to fix it all).

With deadlines and workout routines to meet, you can’t imagine picking up another side project and babysitting your friend’s toddler — but somehow find yourself agreeing to it anyway.

While it’s nice to satisfy the needs of others, you shouldn’t have to do it at the expense of your own.

Fall is officially here, which means it’s time to dust off your favorite boots and bring them back into your wardrobe (or, if you’re like me, wear them every single day).

But the tried and true staple is Another way to update the classic sweater dress boots outfit is by belting the dress at the waist.

If you’re really feeling bold, pair your sweater with boots in a similar color for a cohesive feel.

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