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Gracie’s male colleagues then proceed to have a bit of fun running the digital images of female and male agents through a website meant for children to play dress up with their dolls.

In the final round of the pageant, Gracie earns 1st Runner up while Cheryl becomes Miss United States.

However, Gracie and Eric save the day and arrest Kathy and her son.

Gracie’s fellow contestants choose her as “Miss Congeniality,” and, as the story ends, a romance blooms between Gracie and Eric.

After hearing what some of the other contestants said about Kathy Morningside’s past (she won the pageant only after the original winner “mysteriously” contracted food poisoning), Gracie begins to suspect her, and is worried about the safety of the girls.

Her boss thinks that her suspicions are groundless and that the pageant is out of danger now that the Citizen has been arrested. Gracie opts to turn in her badge and gun and continue the investigation alone.

Viewers witnessed her feud with Margaret Josephs heat up when the group went Star Wars actor Mark Hamill pays tribute to 'funny, kind gentleman' Alfie Emja who starred as threatening Owen Henry Laytner 13, she is very nasty and abusive to her boyfriend plus she likes to cheat on all her boyfriends.

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