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The basic cause of this error is mismatch of canary tokens between the client and the server.It is a tough condition in which the users lose control from OWA and ECP.If you encounter ECP and OWA logins fail with the error 500 in Exchange 2013 then there is no need to lose your nerves.You can tackle this scenario by following these steps: NOTE: It is advised to take backup before preceding these steps Conclusion With the Cumulative Update 3, Exchange Server 2013 – OWA and ECP logins fail with 500 error.The main reason behind the log in failure of OWA and ECP is the mismatch of canary tokens between the client and server A canary is usually a secret token between client and Server in OWA, ECP or some other web services that is stored in the cookie collection of the browser and gets submitted with various requests which the browser sends.For each request the value of GUID stored in the URL is compared with the one stored in session state.7) Choose the installation path for Exchange 2013 CU12 (I generally accept the defaults) 8) Next the readiness checks will commence.On all my CU12 installs I have been getting the error “Setup can’t contact the primary DNS server using TCP port 53”.

Mike Jackson is a technical writer and he wrote numerous blogs or articles regarding Exchange Server corruption issues with their solutions.

I have an Exchange server (2013 SP1 on 2012 R2, CAS and Mailbox Server roles) which was working very fine till this morning.

Today I decided to add Windows Server Essentials role in order to enable Remote Web Access (This server has some other roles in our network, hence RWA is needed).

Right after enabling it, Exchange stopped and Outlook on clients kept asking users for passwords. Then problems rose in SSL connectivity and I solved those problems after many hours. Login page appears, I enter credentials and then get redirected to a page which just says ":-( something went wrong". So I'm not sure which change did the trick (maybe both were necessary). I've seen this problem as a result if that service crashing, etc, otherwise reset the directories.

Nothing more on page or log (Neither IIS logs nor Windows Event Viewer). Finally fixed it by changing SSL Certificate and changing bindings to the single IP address present on the server in IIS.

0) If you haven’t already done so, you first need to install the Exchange 2013 pre-requisites and prepare the AD Schema for Exchange 2013 CU12.

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