Erywho derek jeter dating


The first good news is that Derek Jeter is back on the market.

Up till then I regularly wrote about my crushes in my diary.

She was 1997's Beyoncé, a show-stopping pop hit factory (Jeter took a few years off from love, but amid rumors he'd maybe leave the game forever, he came back in 2000 with a chip on his shoulder, saddling up next to Lara Dutta, who held the inconspicuous title of MISS FUCKING UNIVERSE. From 2003 to 2006, this on-again, off-again relationship felt like it could be the place where Derek's heart could really find its anchor.

Like a spring flower, their romance blossomed before inevitably wilting...Jordana Brewster (2002-2003), who once posed for GQ Mexico, showing flashes of brilliance with each, but never quite fitting into the scheme of things, an insoluble element in the team's chemistry. But as it pumped out love, productive year after productive year, settling nicely into the peak of its career, there was an uncertainty lurking beneath, an irrepressible longing. Then Derek came back into love superstardom, stealing Lyla Garrity right out from under the beautiful locks of superstar fullback/high school alcoholic Tim Riggins.

While Jeter prefers his ladies to not be famous, it’s pretty clear he has one other ironclad requirement: that they be RIDICULOUSLY hot.

So, if you happen to be swimsuit model attractive and are completely unknown outside of your circle of friends, congratulations, you may be the future Mrs.

But I was inwardly conflicted, and although she had been waiting for me to make the first move, she had also picked up on my hesitance.

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