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Tom Snooty Fox is probably the kind of thing your looking for then. There's also Mexicali Rosa's & Brew bakers, side by side on King St.

Or the James Joyce beside Beaverbrook hotel on Queen across from the playhouse. I'm not from Freddy but I sympathize with you on the "less meat market" request.

I find there is a livelier crowd at the Lunar Rogue. Its on King st, just about across from the Tim Hortons there. The most fun I have had is at the Crowne Plaza on Friday night around 6PM, it was packed with a band and I had a riot.

Friday and Sat nights the usually have a very lively after work and supper crowd and often have entertainment later on. The Tweny 20 (the club by Sobeys on Regent) gets a good crowd on Friday and Sat nights, but usually not until around 12 or so. The age of the crowd is mixed - the local nickname for it is the 20 - 80 club, as thats the age range of patrons that go there. Its on King Street as well, about 2 blocks up river from the Crown Plaza. They have pretty much mentioned everything on the southside that is good. NB Native - I can't believe you still go to the Lantern. And (Wed) nights - I think - is half price appetizers! Thought I would mention that Kingsplace is a downtown shopping center, Kingswood is on the Hanwell Rd with all the activities. Well I actually went out last night with some friends in town to the 20-20 and I would have to say it was the first and last time. Plus I know tons of people so it can be different for people that way lol. We should really get something planned as a group sometime...... a few of us are going to see a pal of ours play at Dolans I think...

For supper, try The Back Nine (in the alley behind Mexicala Rosas on King Street). Its in an area called the Tannery, with about 8 different pubs and restaurants, however many of the other places in there cater to the very young crowd. But if you have a car and can travel to the Northside... No offence to those who go there but its just not my style.

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I moved to Fredericton in the last week and will be living in a Hotel downtown until I move my teenage kids and house hold effects this coming spring.

Where is a nice place to have an evening out in the area??

I just want to enjoy a beer and not be in a bar where the ave age is about that of my kids. Well you didn't say how old the teenage kids are, so I'll try to give just a general idea, out the Hanwell rd, there's Kingsplace.

My kids are 16 and 10, so perhaps I will try out that Kingsplace when they get here.

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