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People are getting used to seeing women on TV--and they're starting to think their message of personal freedom makes sense."People are also seeing women in a huge array of roles previously occupied only by men.

"We are seeing youngsters kissing and expressing emotions on TV.D.s dispense Islamically correct advice to live callers on talk shows; female war correspondents in flak jackets broadcast from the streets of bombed out Lebanon; pouting Arab pop singers grind their way through sexually titillating songs.In poor and rural areas of the Middle East, where satellite TV is a new phenomenon, many women are learning for the first time about freedoms they are forbidden in daily life.Last year another program, Starting Over, focused on six women living in a luxury flat outside Beirut and working with a team of psychologists, career counselors, and personal stylists to help reshape their lives on-air.One woman overcame crippling shyness; another started her own business.But Dominique fends off the criticism, saying the video exemplifies her motherly devotion: how else could she have resisted her husband's caresses while caring for her baby? talks about Middle Eastern democracy as a matter of toppling dictators and totaling ballots, a quieter revolution is underway.

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