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Gay Porn Transmission From Hugo Harley on November 22, 2011 Hey GPA’s: Just giving you the heads up that the new season of Naked Sword’s Golden Gate will premiere next week. Besides it being about unexpected hookups, it includes Cocky Boys Exclusive Tommy Defendi! Hey GPAs: This week, Benny Morecock and the gang will be shooting our first ever feature film! This is our first time REALLY pushing the limits of our capabilities. And the entire staff has backgrounds in film production.What’s really cool about this is that we’ve got a story, a script, photographers, professional directors and cameramen. I guess you could say that in really putting ourselves out there, we’re setting a high bar for the future. Hugo Harley, Your Resident GPA & Cocky Boys Production Co-ordinator UPDATE: My back is aching…. Mason and I went around the neighborhood shooting B-roll for his arrival to New York.

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I could see them acting out the positions in my mind’s eye.

(At this point, I swear things were in slow-mo as he pulled it out.) So we took some pics, got his info and set him up to come in for an interview.

Needless to say that we loved him during the interview. A couple of hours and a haircut later (Ben is a man of MANY talents), Stephen Forrest was sitting in front of the camera, stroking his cock for us.

British porn superstar Kennedy Carter is one of the most popular and high profile figures in adult entertainment and he is now a Cockyboy exclusive.

Beyond his adult career he is an internationally booked go-go dancer performing at top clubs around the world.

But once it’s all said and done (read “fully edited”), you can’t help but see the wonderful beauty in your project.

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