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Any change in surroundings can bring about the feeling of shock.If a person leaves home for the first time and goes to college, the new environment and experiences may be a shock to him.Like much of the rest of the world Ghanaians drive on the right of the road, but due to the bad nature of many streets, drivers may move from the right side to the left to avoid potholes.

Old age is still very much respected in the Ghanaian society.

Many Ghanaian streets do not have clear-cut pavements, so people tend to walk on the edge of the street itself. People are, however, understanding that hawkers' need to earn a living but it becomes a culture shock for many foreign visitors.

Soon visitors will no longer see hawkers trading in traffic and near pavements because the metropolitan councils, in their eagerness to beautify the city, no longer allow hawkers to trade in the streets.

A passenger will readily give his seat to an old person standing in a bus, something the youth in Europe will seldom do.

But these days there are no longer such public buses in Ghana where the youth will give place to the old. One very important thing a Ghanaian will never respect is time.

The traditional expectation of Ghanaians about women is that they are supposed to be feminine and more conservative than men in many situations.

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