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She combed my lashes a final time and directed me to a mirror….there they where. MY EXPERIENCE AFTER ONE WEEK I’ve waited one week before writing this blog since I also wanted to share my experience living with the lash extensions.

First of all my eyes look fabulous from the moment I wake up, “which woman wouldn’t want that”?

The Nova Lashes come in different shades, sizes, lengths and colors.

To make the lashes look as natural as possible, Madhuwi decided to use a variety of the Nova Lashes on my eyelashes, since I have a combination of curly, straight and stubby lashes with different lengths.

Even my partner didn’t notice them, until I told her that I had extensions. I simply comb them in the morning and at night to prevent them from tangling.

They are waterproof, so I don’t have to wash my face separately.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, but when the lashes are not on point, the view is just blurry.

Since I have a combination of very stubby, straight, curly, short and long lashes, which are pointing in different directions, my lashes have always been out of control.

The best part of the introduction was the fact that the lashes don’t do any harm to your natural lashes, because of the special technique that is used (“gluing the lashes to the natural lash but not that close to your lash line so that your lashes will grow naturally”).Unlike extensions, where you apply a row of lashes onto (or above) your lash line at once, with Nova Lash, each eyelash is adhered to your lash line “one” hair at a time.Other than that this brand received awards for quality and safety, and due to this commitment to quality, Nova Lash became the first global distributer of eyelash extensions in and outside USA.The only thing is that those falsies don’t last and I always remove them as soon as I reach my house, because it irritates my eyes after a few hours.the one and only certified Nova Lash technician in Suriname (as far as I know).I still had to keep my eyes closed as she took a mini fan and blew some air in front of your eyes to help the glue to dry quicker. They definitely open up my eyes and give my lash line much more density. I felt more confident, beautiful and stunning and I was ready to show them to the world.

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