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Mc Coy, however, appears to have made a comment on Friendsor, with a post cryptically called "From Travies Blog: ATL, Shawty!!! " What follows are the pointed lyrics to the song "Looking at the Front Door" from the recently reissued 1991 debut by hip-hop act Main Source. and NEVER LET'S ME DOWN." Considering the timing of Mc Coy's posts, it seems that the couple split sometime after spending Christmas together on vacation in Mexico.

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For a group whose fan base probably identifies more with Fall Out Boy than with 50 Cent, Gym Class Heroes landed a respectable number of hip hop guests, including Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes (whose album doesn’t Busta guest on these days? Additional production is provided by The-Dream and… And with a global following comes splintering in which people from all different walks of life put their own spin on the culture, molding it to reflect their own personalities and world views.Some of the songs touch on emotional issues, such as the daddy tribute track “Like Father, Like Son (Papa’s Song)”, but Mc Coy lacks the thematic depth, lyrical cleverness, and linguistic ability to make very much compelling material.Though I suppose they do deserve credit for putting out an album with overly positive messages. They are more a part of the pop punk community than the hip hop community and for that the hip hop snobs will either hate them or pay them no attention. I went and scrubbed my toilet and listened to Okkervil River for a little while. There are not many artists I can say that I truly hate. But even though I do not particularly enjoy this group’s brand of inoffensive pop-rap, and probably will not listen to them again until the day their next album is released, I do recognize their right to exist and even think that they serve a valuable purpose within the hip hop world. As the editor of a hip hop website, I am obligated to listen to their new album. Then I hit track seven, the abysmal single “Cookie Jar”, and I realized I needed to take a break.In that way, Mc Coy and the band’s other founding member, drummer Matt Mc Ginley, see the new album as an extension, rather than a duplication, of its predecessor. I’ve been through a lot personally, and you can hear me processing it on the new songs.” “The first Papercut Chronicles is such an important record to us and to our fans; we all have a unique attachment to it,” Mc Ginley says.

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