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Developed from the system of the Poynter Institute) ● AUTHORITY: Is this a recognised expert, or a body with a known reputation?

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These can be a marvellous way of showing the grandparents the new baby, but they also have other uses, and children should be supervised if they use the service. Most search engines have an ‘adult’ filter that will attempt to filter out adult or pornographic images, but these cannot be relied upon to work.

Children will see these as a fun way to extend their social lives, without possibly recognising the dangers inherent.

Anyone can pretend to be anyone online – there are NO checks on this.

Each package has been assessed for a variety of different factors and provides an unbiased opinion on their use and value. Get Net Wise Department of Education and Skills (UK) Childnet International For Kids by Kids Online National Children’s Charity Internet Watch Foundation Childline Think UKnow (This has a useful guide that can be downloaded as a or viewed in HTML) Common sense media Reviews of films and games and an indication of their suitability for children. The use of filter systems A document covering the role of filtering. Commission on Online Child Protection (COPA) Links to various research papers in this area.

These products can be set to work at different levels for different users of the system, so while they are not difficult to install, some basic understanding of how the computer works, and how to set up different users on a single computers is necessary in order for the software to work correctly. Information Society website A wide variety of links to material covering this subject area.

Never reveal any personal details that would enable someone to contact the child outside of the chat room.

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