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There she attended Mission Viejo High School where she was active in drama, cheer, and student body.

She graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in English and Comparative Literature.

Before the spin-off premiered, Bravo TV aired a one episode special called, "Jo and Slade: The Break Up," on June 30, 2008 that recapped De La Rosa and Slade's romantic history and previewed their spin-off.

De La Rosa released her first album, titled "Unscripted," on August 19, 2008.

In Season 4, Rossi appears as an extra in De La Rosa's first music video with Slade as the video's producer.

Slade is an executive in the title insurance industry and provided De La Rosa with the money and prestige of living the Coto lifestyle.

Another change to her Coto life during this season was that Slade's younger son, Grayson, did not appear to live with De La Rosa and Slade.

De La Rosa was not included as a Season 3 cast member as she has moved to Los Angeles with a record contract from Immergent Records in tow and does not keep in touch with the other housewives.

Cast: Jo De La Rosa, Slade Smiley, Myia Ingoldsby, Katy Metz.

Executive Producers: Douglas Ross, Coco Ridgway, Gregory Stewart, Kathleen French.

' Beth laughed, recalling how she was made to zoom in on the puddle of pee and then quickly catch Vicki leaving the room to show the wet mark on the back of her dress.

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