Julia roberts dating

“Well, what would you think if someone who goes on every talk show and says how much she loves you did something like this? And Julia, who was due to climb into Tinkerbell’s tutu on the set of Steven Spielberg’s this week?

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Perhaps the most damaging episode occurred in February.

Patric, the man suddenly in the middle of the Roberts-Sutherland collapse, is the son of actor-playwright Jason Miller and the grandson of comic Jackie Gleason (Gleason’s daughter Linda is his mother) and a onetime date of Julia’s in her pre-Kiefer days.

Hours after the lunch, Julia and Jason caught a commercial flight to London, then jetted to Dublin where they chastely booked separate rooms at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, where suites go for 0 a night. Her hair was a pale orange, like a dye job gone wrong.” If the couple had hoped for peace and solitude, the plan went quickly amok.

Rice’s coworker claims she double-dated with Kiefer and Amanda and that the actor was a heavy drinker—a problem that had also reportedly cropped up in his separation from first wife Camelia Kath, 37, from whom he was divorced last year. Francis, Sutherland, who did not have a telephone in his room, received calls from both Julia and his friend Michelle Pfeiffer.

According to manager Fran Padilla, one of the women left the message “There’s always a rainbow after the storm.” (When Kiefer checked out of the hotel, the actor obliged Padilla’s request for an autograph and scrawled, “Fran, thanx for a wonderful stay.

Within days, he was seen several times in the company of Amanda Rice, 24, a go-go dancer who performs under the name of Raven at the Crazy Girls Club in Hollywood and who has been known to hang out at the pool hall.

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