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Wong's staff has devoted more than 200 meetings and 2 1/2 months of work to fine-tuning this presentation.

They know this clip's punch line by heart, and even so, most of them chuckle.

Wong and her staff are watching a clip from an original sitcom— Sherri is explaining why she won't give her two-timing husband a second chance.The result has been that the broadcast networks have lost viewers and the cable networks have gained them." But, not surprisingly, the competition within cable has gotten stiffer.Lifetime, which has long dominated the coveted market of women viewers ages 18 to 49, now faces competition from Oxygen, Bravo, the Style Network and Cablevision's WE tv.The ritual known as upfronts (a time to buy ads "up front," before the season begins) can make or break a network or, for that matter, the network's CEO.In 2007, Lifetime was represented at upfronts by CEO Betty Cohen, '77, a cable executive famous for overseeing the creation of the Cartoon Network.Wong doesn't crack a smile: The only question that matters now is whether ad executives will laugh.

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