Lebanese nasty mobail


You have to start by believing that you can be the biggest and the best, no matter how dominant the competition may appear. My Space dominated the social media space until April 2008 when it was surpassed by the fledgling Facebook.

Today, Facebook is roughly eight times the size of My Space.

(It’s a fascinating interview that you can watch here).

The lesson from Google is that no current leader is unbeatable. Also like the others in our Final Four, Facebook faced seemingly unbeatable competition.Even though the first tablets came out years ago, it was Apple that made tablets the future of portable computers.Apple’s courageous business decisions, often called crazy by “the experts,” have made them global leader in technology innovation. Sam Walton was a kid from Oklahoma whose limited retail experience included 18 months at JC Penny before he quit to join the Army.The leaders in the tech industry at that time called them crazy and dismissed their dream as impossible.Today, almost 90 percent of Americans own a personal computer.Today Walmart has 8,500 stores in 15 countries, and employs over 2.1 million people worldwide.

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