Lee jun ki dating


I wonder whether the rumours of him and park min young in Korea were so intense they decided to just reveal his real rlshp lol.

Maybe they have marrying plans defined and it's "preparing" statement, like for half a year we gonna hear about wedding date and this now is to publicly take things step by step and not just cause "drama" with a sudden wedding announcment later; PGood looking couple!

According to the actor's dedicated fans, the couple has shown signs of dating since last year, specifically on September 27th, which is Jeon Hye Bin's birthday.

Lee Joon-gi stars in tv N’s Wed-Thurs drama, ‘Criminal Mind’ and Jeon Hye-bin in SBS’s Mon-Tues drama, ‘Falsify’.

Some Dispatch photos:more here: Sources: netizenbuzz, naver, nate, dispatchi love this couple!

They were involved in three dating rumors in June, August and September of 2015.

Back then, their agency responded that the two were ‘just friends’.

In March this year after pictures of them together were released by Dispatch, it was confirmed that they had been dating since early 2016.

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