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How the BBC allowed it to happen, God only knows.'Executive producer Shaw has worked since 2003 on Antiques Roadshow, which returns for its 40th anniversary series next weekend.Cardiff-born Farmar had previously worked on the BBC makeover programme Home Front, of which Shaw was also producer.'Lloyd was rude to people.'A number of them have been incredibly unhappy.They made official complaints and the powers-that-be have swept the thing under the carpet.Ramon Rivas II, Detroit Creative Corridor Center, Hasan Piker, Go Bananas Comedy Club, Proper Clown, Word Brothel, Baby Wine, Token: A Comedic Variety Show, Artfishgirl, Joe Kilgallon, The Arts & Culture Club, Stray Bits: A Comedy Show, Molly Ringwald, Michael Rice Comedy, Six Degrees of Sexperation, The Den Theatre, RAD.a fun show, Limestone Comedy Festival, Everspring, Spark Tabor Comedy, Kafein, Center Coast Realty, Raw Alignment, Forestt Strong La Fave, Pilsen Stand Up, Sweet Babies Comedy, Whitney Wasson, Drink, Date, Laugh, Sonal Aggarwal, Andorka's Comedy Revue, On The Fox Comedy Festival, Stand Up Comedy Party, Ten at The Store, The Martin Luther Kings of Comedy, The Underground, Hasan Minhaj, United Feather & Down, Tapqueen Open Mic, Ten Dollar Comedy, Nick Vatterott, Just for Laughs, Comedian Erica Nicole Clark, Doc Love, Ag47, Article, Killer Creations Photography and Cinematography, Still Not Friday Comedy, The Paper Machete, Antonio Aguilar - Comedian, Dead Comedy, Tight Ship Comedy, Wrigleyville Dental Holistic Dentistry, Komono, The Bedford, Treehouse Records, CAFE, Sameena Mustafa for Congress, Laugh Factory Chicago, The Great British American Comedy Night, Tattler Tales Stand Up Showcase, Culture Shock: A Comedy Show, Darrick Jones, Dobie Maxwell, POV, ANF Chicago, Motor City Comedy Festival, Lainie Lenertz Presents, Woke Up Stand Up, Poster My Wall, Sarah Elizabeth Larson Photography, Chicago Women's Funny Festival, [email protected], The Comedy Club on State, Chalk House: Live Stand-Up Comedy Show, Satira, Three Dead Moose, Darren's Super Fun Party Comedy Show, The Guest Stars, CRUNCH (Westland), Laughs In The Lounge, Salonathon, Las Locas Comedy, Comedy Break, HAM - a Comedy Show, Park & Rye, Congrats On Your Success Comedy (Co YS), Colleen, Red Lobster Comedy, Blerds With Friends, Runcible Theatre Company, Big Easy Variety Show, The Comedy Corner Underground, Kelly Champine, Crossbreed Comedy, Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce, Crush, the side project theatre company, Stage Left Theatre, Steep Theatre Company, The Crowd Theater, Birthday: standup comedy show, Mojo Coffee USA, Space: a show, Annoyance Theatre & Bar, Exploring Sunday, The Comedy Clubhouse, A Comedy Show, This One Woman, The Fresh Drunk Stoned Tour, Felonious Munk, Krista Atkinson, KJ Whitehead, The Comedy Shrine, Ladylike Chicago, 100 Proof Comedy, The Yeah Buddy Awesome Time, Mid West Workers Association, Comedians You Should Know, Rax Trax Recording, Stand Up Stand Up, Shots and Giggles Live Comedy, Vik Pandya, HMR Designs, Don't Kid Yourself, Trevor Gertonson, The Drop Comedy Club, Get Up, Stand Up, The Public House Theatre, Is Tom Laughing?Shaw had drafted the interior designer in to his production team in 2004.

The son of late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith already has three children with his ex-wife, the banking heiress Kate Rothschild.'We are very happy and very lucky to have a new baby boy,' says Ben, whose brother is Tory MP Zac Goldsmith.The highest is likely to be permanent secretary Sue Owen, on more than £150,000 a year, according to figures elicited by Labour MP Jim Mc Mahon in a written question.Some 23 nameless toilers are on more than £80,000, while a further seven have salaries over £100,000.Socialite Jemima Goldsmith joked earlier this year that her brother Ben should 'stop breeding' after he described Britain's rapid population growth as 'madness'.Happily, the 36-year-old financier has ignored his sister's advice and added another member to the Goldsmith clan.For credit card or check payment: The cost for 3-day access is .99 will renew at .99/monthly if not cancelled (limited traffic of 1000 mb per day).

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