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He now travelled to Antioch, visited the sacred shrines in Palestine, and before definitely settling in Bethlehem in the Fall of 386 made a hurried visit to Egypt. Jerome Jerome's activity as revisor and translator was threefold. 11 Jerome used a Latin text akin to the Old Latin MSS.

At Bethlehem, as superior of a monastery and the spiritual director of a convent, he led a life of asceticism and literary activity until his death on September 30, 420. (1) Because of the many variant readings in the Old Latin text, Pope Damasus requested Jerome to revise the Latin translation of the Hence, he did not give us a new translation, but about the year 383 revised the then current Latin text in accordance with some Greek MSS. — Veronensis (fifth century), Palatinus (fifth century), Corbeiensis (fifth century) and Vindobonensis (fifth-sixth century).

He therefore determined to revise the Latin text of the Old Testament according to the Hexaplarian Septuagint.

His chief reason for doing so was the calumny of the Jews, hostile to the Christian religion, who continually declared that Christians lacked the genuine Scriptural text and that their theological arguments, based either upon the Latin or Greek texts, were not authentic or valid Thus, after sixteen years Jerome completed his translation of the Old Testament, with the exception of the deuterocanonical books of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch and Machabees I and II.The fruits of this literary education can be seen in his writings.He was baptized about the year 366 by Pope Liberius (352-366), and became seriously interested in religion. The next year Jerome travelled to the court of Emperor Valentinianus I (364-375) at Treves. Athanasius of Alexandria had lived in exile and introduced monasticism into the West, Jerome made up his mind to embrace an ascetical life and became interested in theological studies.Later he settled at Aquileia, and, together with his boyhood friend Tyrannius Rufinus and a circle of young men, followed a life of virtue and study.Unknown circumstances brought this happy ideal to an end.(2) While at Bethlehem in 387, Jerome became interested in the Hexapla of Origen (d.

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