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Mention that you are looking for “fun dates,” “nothing serious,” or a “serious relationship.” This will help filter out those that are looking for something else and at the same time attract those who are looking for the same type of relationship.Research has revealed that some people use online dating sites to “catfish” others.These are people that create fake profiles and pretend to be someone they aren’t.Sometimes people develop an emotional online relationship with others with the intention to scam them or never meet in person.

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It is difficult to find apps for disabled people in India.I have been trying for a long time and only recently I came to know about the app Inclov.i have tried it 1-2 times, and it looks like a good app for disabled people.From lack of accessible venues offline to inclusive online dating sites, differently-abled people find it hard to live their lives normally like the others do.In an era where inclusion and accessibility has become a trending topic, dating sites like Inclov are providing a unique platform for handicapped and disabled people to find love and a life partner.friendly at all. Disabled dating and marriage for handicapped people in India is an unheard of topic just like handicapped dating sites.Online dating opportunities for handicapped people in India is different from the other typical dating sites.

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