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But I waited and waited and go no reply and it wasnt working. I also updated my email account and it accepted it this time so I am assuming they did delete the account that wasnt working.I dont have duplicate accounts, the other one doesnt work. Provide the original username and ask if that was the violation and if your good now. Thank you for your help :)I am not able to reply to a message, do not understand about receiving more that a certain amount of messages to be deleted, I find this site to be useless....i may be free or is it?)were removed by the Mod, (& I was logged in, btw). You can also use the Users I Blocked link found in messages.I need help I have met this guy on here and he does nothing but harass me. please helpthanksplease tell me how to contact customer service Brandy, how is he harassing you? To report someone, sign into and then view the profile you want to report.There is no process to go through here really to get a deleted profile back. To contact Admin, just go to the clearly labelled 'help' button on your profile header.Strangely, nothing on here is actually rocket science...............Outside of London, you'll find a slower pace, but still plenty to see and do.Like the famous white cliffs of Dover, great cathedrals and castles of Windsor, Roman baths and a coastline ideal for watersports.

You don't necessarily need to remove your profile just because of one person.London is arguably one city that has it all, and our hotels here and in the South are perfectly located to make the most of it.The colossal, frenetic metropolis of London has any number of unforgettable attractions, entertainments and experiences.However if you feel the need to, follow the steps in Help. x Hi , Ive been Hit by people who email me telling me there accounts are not available or gone without any notice etc. its like one day they log on and cant so who do they contact??any idea will help so I can pass this along thanks , most are good people so even Im confussed as to why this is happening and seems a lot more latley? But in reality they will probably not get a response. The username that you (quite incorrectly) refer to appears to have been deleted by the System.If it is not immediately shown as part of your sent messages, it was not sent. For instance, unless you are an upgraded member, you would never know if someone read and deleted your message, or if it was unread/deleted.

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