Mobile face time sex chat


I've got to hand it to the porn industry: the people in charge are pretty damn good at keeping their fingers on the pulse of mobile tech (there's a pun in there, I just know it).

Back in the '70s, the demand for dirty vids helped push VCR sales forward, and the same thing happened when DVDs started to make it big.

After paying the predetermined fee, it's Face, time. Heck, it appears some of them even get a free i Phone 4 just for coming on board.

This creates an interesting conundrum for Apple, who is notorious for keeping its App Store as squeaky clean as possible (the Chatroulette app didn't last too long, did it? And while developers occasionally find loopholes for downloading sexy pics and whatnot over AT&T's glorious 3G network, Steve & Co.

Oh, and lets not forget who was among the first to embrace online video streaming and credit card payments.

I doubt many of you have forgotten the whole "sexting" phenomenon that is currently sweeping the nation, and Face Time has the potential to really kick that trend up a notch. You don’t notice the slight delay of wireless Internet when pulling up web pages, but it drops video frames in a streaming feed at an alarming rate.And when you’re in a group chat, everybody’s audio is getting compressed–unless you’re talking to a professional studio with quadruple Skype channels.Respect the Need for Actual Skype Facebook didn’t incorporate Skype wholly into its platform, but just enough to provide for video calling.The stand-alone desktop software still offers features that Facebook doesn’t even try for: screen sharing, fully logged chats, support for higher resolution cameras, and, for paying Premium customers, group video chats.Don’t Send Unexpected Video Chat Requests If you need to talk urgent business in depth with somebody, initiate a voice call.

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