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The juvenile allegedly had over 1,000 files of suspected child pornography on his electronic devices, including video recordings he allegedly made by hiding his smartphone in a private bathroom in order to record underage boys who were nude, showering or urinating. Kirschner allegedly solicited an undercover detective, whom he believed to be a 15-year-old male, to meet for oral sex.

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J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. Donohew was arrested on July 13 at a gas station in Indiana, where he allegedly was to meet the father and girl.

J., a mechanic, allegedly had more than 10,000 files of suspected child pornography; Md F. J., an engineer, allegedly had more than 5,000 files of suspected child pornography; Kody Knotts, 22, of Millville, N. J., allegedly had over 4,000 files of suspected child pornography; Gregory Piszczek, 35, of Woodbridge, N.

J., along with his two brothers immediately below, allegedly had a combined total of nearly 5,000 files of suspected child pornography; Alexander Knotts, 27, of Millville, N. J., an IT professional, allegedly had over 4,000 files of suspected child pornography; Kevin Groeger, 63, of Cranford, N. J., charged with distribution of child pornography.

He was arrested on April 4 at Los Angeles International Airport when he arrived to meet the girls and their adult escorts. Attorney's Office for the Central District of California, U. Homeland Security Investigations, LAX Task Force, and Los Angeles Police Department.

C., who posed as a father, to bring his "daughter," 9, to Los Angeles for sex at the same time the undercover from New Jersey was expected to arrive with the other girl.

The following were charged with child porn offenses William Camargo, 48, of Millington, N.

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