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Stratasys 3D printing solutions also significantly strengthens the CHU's capabilities from an instructional standpoint.

For Dr Bernhard, this is a fundamental benefit of 3D printing and one that he sees making a big impact within the medical sector long-term."I think this technology will be a big driver in terms of shaping the future of teaching and surgical training," he says.

The only thing more accurate than that is the patient himself," he adds.

The CHU de Bordeaux uses three Stratasys Poly Jet materials: transparent Vero Clear to show the volume mass of the kidney itself, red for the arteries and yellow for the excretory tract.

The pre-surgery planning aids in identifying and avoiding damage to the delicate nearby arteries and vessels which can result in complete kidney removal.

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As you can imagine, this is difficult and time-consuming for the surgeon."Conversely, having a 3D printed kidney model in your hands that corresponds specifically to that of the patient you're going to operate on quite literally offers me a view from a new perspective.Headquartered in Dubai, UAE and Beirut, Lebanon, 3DVinci Creations provides 3D Printing Services and Products to corporations, educational institutions, government ministries and agencies, and individuals throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the entire Middle Eastern countries.For more information, visit: 3dvincicreations.Autodesk has confirmed its commitment to Digital Footwear Creation by unveiling the new Autodesk Footwear group that will be fully focused on supporting designers and manufacturers of all types of footwear.All of the staff from the Delcam businesses have been moved into the new group, meaning that customers continue to benefit from the combined support of the development, sales and technical staff, and their vast experience in the production footwear and orthotic insole industries.As part of its commitment to the current market and to the Future of Making Things, Autodesk Footwear combines solutions for the design and manufacture of production footwear and custom insoles to enable the creation of a complete custom shoe, from last creation, to complex upper and sole design, and to the incorporation of custom insoles.We need to remove the tumor, but not at the expense of the other vital elements that together enable the kidney to do its job.

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