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Many follow this dream, but she actually made it happen a few short years after arriving on the west coast and knowing no one — a feat few can boast of! When you first came on the entertainment scene, I personally didn’t realize that you were South Asian. Sometimes I’ll get Penelope Cruz too, so that’s kind of funny. Like these actresses, you are quite a favourite with men. Since I’ve also met your husband when we went out for dinner the last time I was in Los Angeles, I can see the alignment between you both since he also exudes a similar demeanour.

Standing at 5’5”, this slight-of-build actress of partial Indian origin began her career in the Academy Award–winning film . I thought you were Mexican because you have such a striking resemblance to Salma Hayek. When I Googled you, so many men’s sites came up, positioning you on one list or another. In 2007, for example, you made magazine’s Hot 100 list as one of the most desirable women on the planet.

Who, right now, do you feel has the “it” factor in pop culture? That is, being automatically typecast as the token “ethnic.” Kunal Nayyar is probably the only actor in the West who is monetizing his ethnicity other than Sofia Vergara, of course, and they are where they are (in part) because of it. An actor and a sports athlete; I am so curious as to what your house looks like. Yeah, I mean it would be fun if they were, you know, funny.

But these are still rare exceptions to the rule and don’t guarantee permanence in Hollywood, despite their mega appeal today.

They love that you are cute, sassy and have that girl-next-door persona that is really relatable. Sometimes people come up to me and hug me, and that makes me happy. Three things that you believe exemplify having the “it” factor? Talent and passion for what you do, and integrity is really important. I like to describe it as a French model on vacation (Laughs).

Would you agree that this surmises your likeability factor with your female fans? The way you present yourself, and the kind of stuff you put out there. I like the glamour of Paris — hotels like Le Meurice and all that — so I try to make it very glamorous.

Born in New York City and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, De Wulf attended Boston University’s School for the Arts before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress. There is a calm flow and movement in your personality, which is really quite beautiful and welcoming.

Well, it’s because you were in a movie that had so many heavy hitters in it so the visibility, even though you were in a small role, was huge. Do you feel the ability to do accents is in part why you have the opportunity to audition for so many different types of roles, and gives you that competitive edge where you’re not being typecast ethnically? Actually, a lot of people reached out to me about Lacey. Even if it’s a silly comedy, you have to make sure these are grounded decisions and they make sense. I have to tell you that it was this particular role that I saw you in where I thought you were such a great talent and wanted to interview you. I think you had the exact balance to make it memorable. I’m glad my decisions for the character did in fact work out!

I’m curious, when you get on set to shoot, what’s your thing? I wasn’t sure whether I should be insulted or that it was meant as a compliment (Laughs). I mean it’ll be a moment that will stay with me for my entire life. Well, because originally, the character had no accent, so when I auditioned for it, I did it with no accent.

We are definitely where we should be in terms of how we represent the population. With that, I began my journey to become an actress in Hollywood. I kind of knew when I met him that I might be with him for a long time. I think I was fighting against myself for a long time because our distance was so far, you know? I definitely think respect for each other’s careers is one of the things that really keeps us together. Kind of a combination of being surprised and knowing that it was coming. How do you make that connection stay consistent and workable? We have a relationship where we aren’t together all the time, so we know no difference since it’s always been that way.

Soon after arriving, I saw a casting notice for where they were searching for someone to play this girl, Fatima, who sings and dances. They said they wanted to audition me, so I went and auditioned. I admire his work and am a fan of his, and vice versa. I visit him as much as I can during the season, and obviously text and Skype. I would say how good he is at being a professional athlete.

I kind of just try to vibe off of the people I am working with. So I went into the audition, which by the way, had such a diverse casting from beautiful blondes, beautiful Hispanic actresses, even great actresses from different TV shows that had been cancelled. I have never had 10 episodes of a show that I was a regular in. Then they said that if they were going to go my way, they really wanted to make sure that there was no question as to why Mathew Mc Conaughey’s character didn’t hit on me when he is such a womanizer.

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