Okcupid online dating lies


Members who need to get in touch with a representative directly can fill in an online form sent to the appropriate department.Ok Cupid also hosts social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Open Source Is the Key to Deeper Insights The analytic techniques used to crunch the numbers and surface the patterns tend to vary.

It became clear to Rudder that Excel by itself could not handle data from 500,000 responses; a more robust solution was required.

Recently, Ok Cupid added statistical packages written in R to its mix of analytic tools.

As much as I’m in favor of anything that improves the chances of finding true love (or any kind of love, for that matter), what fascinates me the most about Ok Cupid is Ok Trends, the company’s official blog.

Ok Trends Brings Big Data to the Masses Written largely by Christian Rudder, the company’s co-founder and editorial director, Ok Trends is a veritable treasure chest of sexy social insight generated through a highly creative mash-up of off-the-shelf and DIY analytic techniques.

This revelation isn’t exactly surprising, but it’s fascinating to see how Rudder and his merry crew of quants use the power of analytics to strip away the mythology and tell the real story.

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