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“I borrowed money from friends, I depleted my 401K and sold my stocks,” Allison said.“I also put a loan on my car and took out a personal loan.” Mark, meantime, was in “Europe” working with his “team.” “He and I were talking and texting every day,” Allison said.Knowing how they think and behave will help you stay safer online.Money, a con artist wants your money, or your personal information so they can get to your money.There is nothing wrong with saying it, but a con artist will tell you this all the time.They are counting on you being overwhelmed by their charm and flattery. Do they have the same moral outlook, religious views and tastes in music?Scam artists are apparently alive and well in the online dating world, with a Los Gatos woman saying she was swindled out of 2,000 by a con man she met on, which is a Jewish singles network.The woman, whom we’ll call “Allison” in this story, is a longtime Los Gatos resident who says she is “devastated” by what happened to her and wants to warn others of the perils of online dating.

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Ideally, they want you to do this without them having to ask. A con artist will manipulate, charm and lie their way into your life, all the time grooming you into believing that they are someone genuine, kind and caring, when the only caring person in the "relationship" is you.Because the money was sent via wire transfer, Allison says there is a paper trail–she has turned over all the bank information to the police department and was also scheduled to meet with a Homeland Security official last week.Also, through a mistake Mark’s “sister” made on Facebook, Allison was able to locate an exact address for Mark in Nigeria.“He kept saying he’d be home soon and we’d get married.Then I was going to go to France and travel with him.” Mark also introduced Allison to his “sister” via Facebook and said the woman had been in the same accident that killed his wife several years earlier. “He was put into my life to teach me a lesson.” And what a lesson it was: After sending Mark a total of 2,000 Allison was broke and Mark “verbally attacked” her when she refused to send any more money.Mark and Allison never met in person because he reportedly had to go to Europe shortly after their online relationship began. He even sent me a copy of his 0,000 contract with FIFA.

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