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A Goddess typology 'Quiz' is available at this site providing women a means of determining their Goddess qualities in varying ascendancy. Looking first at Webster's Dictionary, goddess is defined: Such a masculinized definition sorely trivializes the concept and potentials of goddess, historically, and collectively diminishes the significance of her role in women's lives, then and now.

On the contrary, Goddess mythology provides women, today, an ancient mirror of womanhood--Goddess being a divine, guiding and supernatural force.

These mythic images can guide us to see who we are and what we might become.

In a society that has trivialized the Goddess concept, learning of the significance of Goddess qualities/energy can be instructive for women and men.

We are aware that women's and men's behaviors, attitudes, likes and dislikes do appear to conform to particular typologies.

Jungian analyst, Jean Shinoda Bolen, a clinical professor of psychiatry, has also authored a very popular, and perhaps a somewhat more personal book on Goddess types.

Her book, The Goddesses in Everywoman, 1985 & 2004, explores seven feminine archetypes.

In fairy tales this archetype may be revealed to us as a queen, a princess or a witch.

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