Outlook 2016 shared mailboxes not updating

Through the rich reporting and recommnendations offered by Threat Intelligence, organization’s can make data driven decisions on their cybersecurity requirements, gaining insight into where threats manifest, who is being threatened, the types of threats, and the frequency of these threats.

Threat Intelligence provides security policy recommendations leveraging Microsoft’s industry leading AI.

A new reporting dashboard for Data Loss Protection & Advanced Threat Protection is now available in the Security & Compliance Center within Office 365.

This new dashboard and the enhanced reporting UI enables greater visibility and control over your security and policies.

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Once it has rolled out to your Office 365 account, you will see an icon for it in the home tab in Outlook 2016 for Windows. Learn more at msft.social/z LJp Vn Advanced Data Governance in Office 365 will intelligently bring this information overload under control and support our customers’ ability to achieve organizational compliance.

By clicking or tapping the Export link, the data for the selected time period will be exported into an Excel file, enabling admins to get this data into a csv to further analyze or easily share the chart data with others.

The export will contain data for the selected reporting period.

By leveraging machine assisted insights we will help organizations stay compliant and reduce risk by finding and keeping what’s important while leaving behind redundant, obsolete and trivial content (ROT).

Office 365 Threat Intelligence is a cloud-based service that provides organizations broad visibility into their threat landscape, delivering actionable insights, enabling proactive cyber-defense.

The new reporting role is meant for those who are tasked with Office 365 reporting and data analysis as well as those driving usage and adoption within their organization.

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