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The rear driven axle used semi elliptic leaf springs. On test, The Motor magazine recorded a top speed of 73 mph (117 km/h) and acceleration from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 27.2 seconds.

A "touring" fuel consumption of 36 miles per gallon (imperial) was recorded.

Some versions were also built and sold by Ford Australia.

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Girling hydraulic brakes were fitted, initially 7 in drums but quickly increased to 8 in (200 mm) A new side-valve engine of 1172 cc engine was fitted having the same bore, stroke and layout of the previous engine, but in all other respects completely different - changes included adjustable tappets, raising the compression ratio from 6.3:1 to 7:1 and larger inlet valves, resulting in the power output increasing by 20% to 36 bhp.

Returning to the market in 1945, it was offered till 1961.

The car progressed in 1953 from its original perpendicular or "sit-up-and-beg" style to a more modern three-box structure.

Post-war, only four-door saloons were available on the home market, but two-door models were made for export.

41,486 were made up to 1941 Post war, the Prefect design changed little until replaced in 1952.

Inside there were separate front seats trimmed in PVC with leather as an option and two circular instruments in front of the driver one containing the speedometer and the other, fuel and water temperature gauges. The windscreen wipers were powered by the inlet manifold vacuum; when the engine was working hard, the vacuum fell away and the wipers slowed or stopped.

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