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Service Pack 1 for Windows XP will fail to install on installations of Windows with one of the following product IDs: XXXXX-640-0000356-23XXX and XXXXX-640-2001765-23XXX The following message will be displayed if installation fails for this reason: Service Pack 1 Setup Error: The product key used to install Windows is invalid.Please contact your system administrator or retailer immediately to obtain a valid product key.(Please backup your system before attempting this.) This workaround is only for the corporate editions of Windows XP Professional using a compromised or illegitimate key.Windows XP Home Edition and retail versions of XP Professional are not affected by Service Pack 1.In case your your XP installation was done using IDE mode, and you decide to use AHCI for what ever reason, don’t worry.You can do that without reinstalling your Windows XP.which finds the *ACTUAL* AHCI controller, and installs the same driver as what you chose in step 5. That was a *LOT* easier than what I thought it would.After reading many guides on how to do it with Intel chipsets with home-made registry entries and copying files around…

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If you performed the above steps incorrectly, or used an invalid key, your system may not be able to boot.Even when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP, most popular software continued to support it for longer.That’s no longer the case, though, and now many browsers have left XP behind.Because of security concerns about piracy, Microsoft does not provide a tool that allows you to view the Product Activation Key (or CD Key) that was used to install the operating system.However, Windows XP Service Pack 1 ships with a list of the two product IDs that are created by the pirated product volume license product keys.(Mine was the n Vidia SATA controller) 6) Uninstall other standard IDE controllers.

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